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Tripe soup

Tripe soup

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Put the belly in a bowl with cold water and 2-3 sliced ​​lemons and put in the fridge for 1-2 hours, then rinse well.

Cut the belly into palm pieces and put it together with the pork adidas, beef bone, cleaned carrots, whole, 1 tablespoon of salt in a large pot and cover with cold water (if we use a 10 liter pot we put 8 liters of water), then boil.

Let the belly soup simmer for 3-4 hours (until the juice is the color of milk). When the belly is cooked, strain the juice, which we keep, and remove the carrots, pepper, beef and pork fat, then let the belly cool a little, then cut it into strips.

Boil the juice again together with the belly strips and julienne cut donuts.

After boiling together for 10-15 minutes, beat the 10 yolks with sour cream and gradually add the belly soup from the pot to thin and when you get a liquid and homogeneous composition put in the pot, which is still boiling over low heat and let it boil for a few minutes (5-10 minutes), then remove from the heat.

We grind the garlic and dilute it with a little cold water. 15-20 minutes after we put the belly soup aside from the fire, we put the sauce and add salt.

We serve hot belly soup with hot and right peppers to everyone's taste with vinegar and sour cream.


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