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Epicure & Culture Launches Sustainable Amalfi Coast Tour

Epicure & Culture Launches Sustainable Amalfi Coast Tour

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Amalfi Coast at dusk. Photo courtesy of Eric Hossinger.

To many travel is about escaping reality. Here at Epicure & Culture, we’re tweaking this notion. Instead of getting away, we’re making it easy for travelers to put themselves in someone else’s reality: the reality of a local.

Newly launched in June 2014, Epicure & Culture is adding responsible local living tours to their current offerings, which currently include articles on ethical travel and immersive cultural experiences, a Responsible Tourism Twitter Chat (#RTTC), trip coaching, lifestyle blogging workshops and a soon-to-launch responsible tourism e-book guide.

The goal: we want people to see there is more to travel than just checking off attractions in a guidebook or hopping on a tour bus to cram an entire city into a few hours. We want to make it easy for people to book a tour that allows them to live like a local and truly immerse themselves in a new culture for a transformative travel experience.

On the trip, you’ll have plenty of chances to indulge in some wine, especially delicious when paired with local dishes.

For Epicure & Culture Tours first journey, we’re taking responsible travelers to Italy’s Amalfi Coast to stay in a 16th century former monastery agriturismo (farm stay), trek the famous “Walk of the Gods,” hike through rolling hills lush with vineyards, olives and lemons, sample pizza in the very place it was invented, explore historic Pompeii and learn the art of cooking like an Italian. Oh yes, and drink wine. Lots of wine. Dates are September 26th – October 3rd, 2015.

Not only will guests get the opportunity to live like a local in their homestay, but can also feel good book a tour focused on ethical tourism.

While the Amalfi Coast is our first tour offering, we plan on launching more local living-focused responsible tours in the future. For now, however, we want to focus on making this one perfect for our guests.

For more information on the experience and why it’s a worthwhile and responsible option — including photos — click here. Have questions? Email editorial (at) epicureandculture (dot) com.

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