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Fruity Gelatin Cups

Fruity Gelatin Cups

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Gelatin cups made with real fruit juice are an easy and sweet dessert.MORE+LESS-


envelopes unflavored gelatin


dozen (3 ounce) Dixie™ cups

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    Add 2 cups of the fruit juice to a medium sized bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin over top and allow to sit for 1 minute.

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    Bring 2 cups of the fruit juice to a boil. Add the hot juice to the cold juice and stir until gelatin has dissolved.

  • 3

    Divide mixture evenly among 10-12 three ounce sized Dixie™ cups. Chill until set. Serve cups with spoons.

Expert Tips

  • Alternatively, you can pour the mixture into a 9x13 inch baking pan and chill until set. Then, cut squares or shapes with a cookie cutter and serve.

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  • Last week I showed you how easy it is to make healthy popsicles at home. This week I thought I'd share with you another fun treat that my kids and I have been making -- Homemade Gelatin Cups. My kids are always asking me to buy those gelatin cups, but it's cheaper and healthier to make them at home!

    We've tried grape juice, cranberry juice, pomegranate-blueberry, and our new favorite: peach-mango juice. We always choose 100% juice, just mix up the flavor each time. My kids, like most their age, are not big vegetable eaters. We encourage lots of fruits and are creative about adding vegetables in their diet. So this time I decided to try a fruit and vegetable juice blend because it provided a full serving of vegetables (and fruit) in every serving of juice. My kids loved them and they don't even know the difference! I care a lot about nutrition, and it's always exciting to turn something that would otherwise be a sugar loaded treat into something healthier and just as delicious.

    You only need three items to make your own Fruity Gelatin Cups -- unflavored gelatin, 100% fruit juice, and Dixie cups. If you want, you can add fruit into the gelatin, but you don't have to. By using 100% fruit juice, you are cutting out a lot of sugar and empty calories that are in store-bought gelatin and adding nutrients to an otherwise refreshing sweet treat.

Fruity Gelatin Bundt Cake Dessert

Fruity Gelatin Bundt Cake Dessert: combo of fresh fruits combined with apple juice gelatin. Flavorful, fresh and vibrant. Serve it in place of fruits course or as a dessert.

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It’s beautiful, seems so hard to make, but it’s not (lol) and you’ll get lots of wow’s from your guests. I’m using apple juice instead of packaged artificial jello and the light color of the juice is a great combination to bring out the colors of fruits used in this goodness. You can use any other juice of your flavor but the darker the juice the less you’ll see that contrasting combination of fruits.

Homemade jello with real fruit

The good news is we can still enjoy the modern day things we love to eat, like strawberry jello cups, without adding any more waste to this world.

Homemade jello is incredibly easy to make and has ingredients you can feel great about. Plus, with a little “outside the box” thinking, you can still enjoy the convenience of taking it with you–without using plastic.

Think of it as sort of a DIY jello cup!

The kind of container depends on your preference (stainless steel or glass) and who will be taking these jello cups in their lunch (adults or kids). I found these leak-proof 5-oz stainless steel containers from MightyNest work great for kids’ lunches. If you’re uneasy about using stainless steel, I have tried these leak-proof glass containers .

The best part is you don’t have to limit them to this homemade jello they are great for packing trail mixes, leftovers, half an avocado or fruit, or anything else you can fit in there.

If you’re feeling creative, you can use these neat silicone molds and make jello cubes that are extra fun for little fingers and store them in these .

It’s strawberry season in my area, so I wanted to make use of my bounty and make strawberry jello, but please note that you can also sub in fruit juice like this to make your jello cups.

★ Did you make this homemade jello recipe? Don’t forget to give it a star rating below! ★

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Packed with our favorites for the road, like

  • Pumpkin Pie Bars (grain-free)
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Easy Fruit & Jello Cups

Summer is a great time for outdoor entertaining. Fire up the grill and host a backyard cookout, complete with a simple, crowd-pleasing dessert. These Fruit & Jello Cups are a snap to make and sure to impress your guests.

You know I love hosting cookouts! This month Andrew and I started house hunting for a place to live after we get married in November. One of the biggest priorities for us was a house that was ideal for entertaining. Having a backyard with a great set up for cookouts was a big deal for us.

There’s just something about cookouts that is so laid back and relaxing. It doesn’t seem like as much pressure as an indoor party or get together. I typically do potluck-style cookouts where we grill the main dish and maybe make one other dish, but have our guests bring the rest.

Desserts are one of my favorite things to make for cookouts. I like recipes that can be made ahead of time and kept in the refrigerator or freezer until it’s time to enjoy them.

To get ready for this cookout, I went to Wal-mart to pick up a few ingredients and essentials. Kraft has so many great products that can be used to make everything from desserts to the main dish to sides. I picked up some Jello and Cool Whip to make my dessert.

Before checking out, I stopped by the Wal-mart Marketside display. They have all sorts of products to help make your cookout easier! I grabbed some individual drinks so that I could please all my guests. They also have wraps and sub sandwiches so that you can offer some variety for your guests.

If you need some inspiration for the rest of your meal, check out Kraft’s Fire Up the Grill Cookbook! It’s free! The cookbook is filled with all sorts of great ideas for grilling, plus lots of side dishes and desserts.

The fun thing about this dessert is that you can customize it according to the colors and flavors you would like. I used strawberries and blueberries because I love the contrast of those colors with the white Cool Whip. You can get creative and try different flavors of Jello and mix in different fruits.

These Jello & Fruit Cups are sure to be a hit at your cookout! They are so easy to make and save you time since they can be made earlier in the day.

Here in Florida it gets pretty hot during the summer, so we prefer to have our cookouts by the pool so that we can jump in when we start getting too hot. This dessert was the perfect way to cool off!


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