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Delicious with strawberries

Delicious with strawberries

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For the top, mix the egg whites with a pinch of salt and sugar.

Add the yolks mixed with vanilla and oil.

Mix the flour with the baking powder and incorporate it, mixing lightly with a spatula / tel.

Wallpaper a tray (35/25) with baking paper and bake the top for 20-25 minutes in the preheated oven (toothpick test)

For the cream, mix the finely chopped strawberries with the sugar and put them on the fire until the sugar melts (be careful not to boil).

Hydrate the gelatin in cold water for 10 min.

We put the strawberries in the robot / blender and we pass them until it becomes a fine puree.

Add the gelatin over the hot strawberry puree and mix until the gelatin melts completely.

Beat the whipped cream well with the powdered sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the yogurt and mix lightly with a whisk.

Add the puree and put the cream in a tray (35/25 cm) lined with foil beforehand. Put the top on the cream and put the cake in the fridge for at least 8 hours.

We put a larger tray / tray over the cake tray and with a sudden movement we turn the cake upside down.

I cut the cake into suitable large pieces (I had 15) and decorate them with melted chocolate, whipped cream and strawberries "drawn" in chocolate.

"Strawberry Clouds" cake & # 8211 Recipe without baking, a real seasonal delight

"Strawberry Clouds" cake & # 8211 Recipe without baking, a real seasonal delight. It is a new recipe, which I tested this Saturday and it suddenly became one of my favorite recipes for strawberry cakes.


  • 300 g strawberries
  • 100 g biscuits
  • 400 ml yogurt
  • 1-2 white chocolate tablets
  • 10 g gelatin
  • 50 ml of water

Method of preparation:

The preparation of this cake is very simple, even if from the picture it looks like a complete cake. I recommend you to follow the steps described by me below, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write me a message on Facebook.

  1. In a bowl, put the gelatin to hydrate.
  2. In a tray lined with cling film, place a layer of sliced ​​strawberries.
  3. For the cream, melt the chocolate on a steam bath. Add the yogurt, sugar and mix very well.
  4. Add the melted gelatin on a steam bath and mix well.
  5. Pour a layer of cream into the mold. On top, place a layer of biscuits and then a layer of strawberries. We do the same until we finish all the ingredients.
  6. Put the cake in the fridge overnight.

Some interesting things about strawberries
In Belgium there is a museum dedicated to strawberries, where you can buy food made from these fruits, from jam to beer. Madame Tallien, one of the most emblematic presences at Napoleon's Court, became known for her baths in strawberry juice. She used about 9 kg / bath.

In France, strawberries were used as an aphrodisiac. Thus, a strawberry soup thinned with sour cream, lamb's tongue plant and sugar was served to the newlyweds.

In some parts of Bavaria, people in rural areas practice an annual ritual of tying small baskets of strawberries to the horns of cattle as a sacrifice for elves. Tradition says that elves like strawberries and such a sacrifice will help cattle make healthy calves and give a lot of milk.

Delicious with strawberries

Thaw the dough, spread and bake. After baking, cut into four equal parts.

Whip the whipped cream with the two sachets of vanilla sugar.
The gelatin dissolves in cold water
Crush the strawberries and put the sugar over them and mix.
Mix whipped cream, gelatin and strawberries and leave to harden twice.

The sheets will be filled with this cream and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Afterwards, decorate the sheets with whipped cream, pieces of strawberries and leave for 4 hours in the refrigerator.

Delicious with chocolate and strawberries

I ground the peanuts (through the robot they are not too small), the biscuits as well, I melted the butter, I

The best ice cream for summer days. Three recipes that you can prepare yourself in a few minutes

The best ice creams for the hot summer days that follow, you can prepare them yourself at home, in just a few minutes. Ice cream on a stick is a favorite dessert of many people, adults or children. Regardless of age, there are recipes that can be prepared quickly, with just a few ingredients and that are suitable even for vegans.

The best ice creams: Refreshing and "incisive" delicacy, tonic gin, lemon and basilOther ArticlesMichaela Prosan, the actress from "Stopped Fruit", is & # 8230Tragedy in the world of film. A famous actress died at & # 8230Alex Velea, harsh reaction after Fulgy was caught drugged & # 8230

Those who want to cool off with something sweet, but are also passionate about alcoholic cocktails can prepare a recipe for tonic gin ice cream, basil, lime and strawberries.

To prepare this summer delicacy, you will need 100ml of tonic gin, 25 grams of sugar, 16 strawberries, 2 lemons, 4 basil leaves, 2 cans of tonic water.

Put the sugar in a bowl, then add a little hot water and stir until the sugar dissolves. Then cut the strawberries lengthwise and one of the lime halves in half. Squeeze the lemon juice over the dissolved sugar. Add the gin and tonic water and mix everything. Put the mixture in the ice cream molds and add the basil leaves and chopped strawberries to each of them. Put them in the freezer overnight, Metro recommends.

The best ice creams: Feast of aromas with melon, vodka and kiwi

For about 6 servings you will need 300 grams of melon, 30 grams of raspberries, 100ml of vodka, 2 pieces of kiwi and a few tablespoons of lemonade.

Mix the diced melon and vodka in a blender. Strain the mixture and pour it into a bowl. Put a few pieces of raspberry in each form of ice cream, pour the mixture of melon and vodka, but do not fill the ice cream forms completely. Put the preparation in the freezer for an hour.

Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Pour over the ice cream. Put the whole mixture of ice cream in the freezer overnight.

The best ice creams: Vegan dessert with pina colada

You will need 250 grams of pineapple, 100 ml of rum, 50 ml of agave nectar and 400 ml of coconut milk.

Mix in a blender 200 grams of diced pineapple, the amount of rum, agave nectar and coconut milk. Strain the mixture into a bowl. Cut into thin slices the 50 grams of pineapple. Put the pineapple slices in the ice cream molds and then pour the mixture. Put everything in the freezer overnight.

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In the middle of the strawberry season, I prepare them almost every day! A fabulous delight for tea!

Today, dear lover of delicious dishes, we present you a great recipe for strawberry baskets. It is an incredibly tasty and flavorful dessert. You will not believe it, but it is very easy to prepare these magic baskets with the most common ingredients. Prepare and amaze your dear family with a fantastic, appetizing and very tasty dessert. Certainly, the praise will not be long in coming. Success is guaranteed!


& # 8211 350-380 g of sifted flour

Note: see Measurement of ingredients


Note: see Measurement of ingredients


1. Prepare the dough: beat the cottage cheese, using the blender, then break the egg, add 1 pinch of salt and sugar. Mix the composition well.

2. Put the sifted flour in a separate bowl. Take the butter, dip it in the flour bowl and grate it. Mix the ingredients until you get a crumbly dough. Add the cheese composition to the crumbly dough. Knead the dough.

3. Shape a ball from the resulting dough, wrap it in cling film and refrigerate for 1 hour.

4. Wash the strawberries and remove the stalk. Cut them into slices.

5. Place the dough on the work surface and give it a cylindrical shape. Cut the dough into 6-8 equal parts. Shape the dough into balls.

6. Take a ball, place it on the work surface and spread a cake. Spread 0.5 teaspoon of starch in the center of the cake, then arrange a few slices of strawberries in concentric circles. Sprinkle the filling with 1 teaspoon of sugar. Carefully fold the cake around the edge. Proceed similarly with the remaining dough and filling.

7. Arrange the baskets on the baking tray, lined with paper. Place the tray in the preheated oven at 180 ° C for about 25-30 minutes. Baking time depends on each oven.

8. Take the magic delicacy out of the oven, transfer it to a plate and decorate it with powdered sugar. Serve the dizzyingly appetizing baskets with the greatest pleasure, along with a cup of tea or coffee.

Napoleon cake, a delight with vanilla pudding and strawberries

Just when you look at it, it leaves your mouth watering, doesn't it? But the better it looks, the easier it is to prepare! Here's how!

What do you need for Napoleon cake

For the filling

2 packets of vanilla pudding

How to make Napoleon cake

Turn on the oven. Put the first sheet of puff pastry in a baking paper tray, place the second sheet of baking sheet and place the other piece of puff pastry on top. Bake for 18 minutes, remove the pan, grease the sheets with beaten egg yolk and bake the pan again until the sheets are browned. Leave them to cool before powdering them with sugar.

Prepare the envelopes with vanilla pudding according to the instructions on the package, leave them to cool and mix them with the whipped cream. Refrigerate for 1-2 hours.

Put the pudding in the pan and spread it over the first sheet of countertop, then sprinkle with lemon peel. Place the second sheet, put the rest of the cream and place sliced ​​strawberries on top. Sprinkle with lemon peel and powdered sugar.

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After the dough has cooled, gradually add an egg to it and mix the composition well until the egg is homogenous. Do the same with all the eggs in a row. I got a creamy dough.

Preheat the oven in time. We will have a tray 20 & # 8211 22 cm in diameter ready, which we will cover with paper. We will divide the dough into two parts. We'll get two sheets. We'll put some of the dough in the pan. The surface must not be uniform. We will do the same with the second sheet. Bake the sheets at 180C until the dough doubles in volume and is brown on the surface.

We prepare the cream. We put the 500 ml of milk and 300 ml on the fire. Separately, incorporate 200 ml with eggs, starch and sugar. We mix the composition with a whisk. When the milk boils, turn the heat to low and pour the mixture, stirring constantly until the cream begins to thicken and boil. Turn off the heat, add the vanilla sugar and put a cling film on top. Let the cream cool.

After the cream has cooled, beat the butter at room temperature with the blender and gradually add the cold cream. We do this stage in short intervals at minimum speed. The cream is ready. We assemble the cake. We put the first sheet in a circle. Put the cream, then the second sheet. Leave the cake in the fridge overnight.

Simple cake with yogurt and strawberries

40 g of flour? WRONG. 400 g is the required amount.

You forgot about baking powder.

I scored a point because the amount of flour is wrong not 4o g but 4oo g because 4o grams means 2 tablespoons fuller and what we do with so much composition I recommend more attention when you post a recipe

Light, how big is the tray and how many degrees did you make it? thanks.

It looks good and I think it is very tasty but only 40g of flour !?

Light, simple, it looks tasty

F B with any fruit. The flour is mixed with the baking powder.
Thanks for the ideas

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