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Eli Kulp, Esteemed Chef of Philadelphia’s Fork, Among Those Injured in Amtrak Crash

Eli Kulp, Esteemed Chef of Philadelphia’s Fork, Among Those Injured in Amtrak Crash

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Award-winning chef Eli Kulp, of the popular restaurant Fork, was among the 200 victims of the high-speed train derailment

Eli Kulp is the chef behind 3 of Philadelphia’s most popular restaurants.

Eli Kulp, the executive chef at Philadelphia’s renowned Fork, as well as High Street on Market and, sustained serious injuries as a result of the horrific Amtrak train derailment Tuesday night. The crash, which occurred when the train barreled around a curve at 106 miles per hour — more than twice the legal limit — killed eight and injured 200 passengers.

Kulp, 37, is currently being treated at Temple University Hospital, and authorities would not release information regarding the extent of his injuries. He has been listed as one of the “seriously injured.”

"We're keeping things disclosed to his family at this time," an anonymous representative at the hospital told The Daily News. "We just want to keep his wishes."

In a press conference, Temple University Hospital chief medical officer Herbert Cushing told media that he expects the remaining victims will recover fully from their injuries, stating that many passengers sustained rib cage injuries, and will likely go home soon.

Kulp is a Food & Wine Best New Chef award recipient, and The Daily Meal named Fork as one of the 15 best restaurants in Philadelphia.

Watch the video: Images From Inside Deadly Amtrak Crash in Philadelphia (June 2022).


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