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9 Tabletop Trends for 2012

9 Tabletop Trends for 2012

What's hot when it comes to entertaining at home in 2012

Nobody wants to be behind the times when it comes to style. From what we wear to what we eat, knowing what’s “in” matters. As our minds never drift far from what trendy essentials to have when bringing together friends and family, we’ve researched what to know before throwing the first party of the year. All in good measure, too. According to Vallerie Drorbaugh, the style manager at The Foundary, an online flash-sale site, “Hosting dinner parties at home is a rising trend.”

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As we round the corner to 2012, one thing is for sure: We are amidst a recession, therefore it is only natural that whatever decisions consumers make, practicality and multi-tasking functionality are at the forefront of their minds. “People play it safe in times of uncertainty,” say the color experts at Benjamin Moore. Economy aside, “We’re returning to simpler and more classic aesthetics in response to all of the technology in our lives,” Drorbaugh adds. It’s no surprise that more are entertaining at home, as consumers are seeking out a “more authentic, social lifestyle,” says Drorbaugh.

So what to look for? Gone are the bold floral prints and rich textures of last year, replaced by lots of neutral tones like grays, warm earthy browns, and cool blues. These “safe” hues will be punctuated with bright pops of color — like Tangerine Tango, a bright red-orange hue recently named the Color of the Year by Pantone — that add life and energy to a space. Metallic finishes are here to stay, albeit toned down to earthy pewters and antiqued silvers rather than flashy golds, brass, and chromes. As well, Drorbaugh notices vintage and retro designs are hot, with “a ‘throwback’ trend in full-swing." So pull out the uniquely shaped or block-patterned plates, or perhaps vintage bowls in all shapes and sizes from the flea market. As we turn to what’s practical and can serve many uses, what was once old has indeed become new again.