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Chicken liver with rice garnish

Chicken liver with rice garnish

We clean the liver of skins and fat, then wash it in more water.

Put 2 tablespoons of oil in a pan, then place the washed liver, pepper and let it simmer (about 30 minutes) until the water drops and browns (according to the predecessor; some prefer it more in the blood, I leave it until fry lightly, see photo!).

After turning off the heat, season with soy sauce to taste and leave the pan covered until we take care of the rice garnish.

Peel the vegetables (onion and pepper), wash them, chop them, then sauté them in 4 tablespoons of oil for about 10 minutes on low heat).

Wash the rice in cold water, drain it, and add it over the sauteed vegetables.

Stir continuously for 2-3 minutes, do not forget to add salt and pepper to taste, let the rice harden slightly in fat, then put about 500 ml of cold water.

Let it boil over low heat, we need to be around because the rice sticks quickly to the bottom of the pan. Stir occasionally.

Here, depending on how boiled you prefer the rice (some prefer it very boiled, others leave it al dente; we like to cook it properly) the time varies depending on the preferences.

Turn off the heat, sprinkle with finely chopped greens, mix and serve.

Good appetite!

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