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How to peel and chop garlic video

How to peel and chop garlic video

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Sometimes it seems like everything is better with garlic. Learn how to chop garlic with ease for use in all of your favourite recipes.


Pop open the bulb

A garlic bulb is covered with layers of paperlike outer skin. Peel this away to reveal tightly packed individual cloves, each of which is also encased in a thin, papery skin.

To open up the bulb, insert a knife into a slight indentation on the outside of the bulb and twist the knife. This pops open the bulb and allows you to pluck out the first clove.

Here's a tip for keeping your garlic fresh: Garlic's worst enemy is air which causes the plump cloves to dry out and shrivel. To keep unused cloves freshest, leave the outer covering in place.


Peel the clove

Place the clove on a cutting board. Set the flat edge of a broad kitchen knife on top of the clove and press down, crushing it slightly. This loosens the skin so you can peel it off easily.

Then cut off the end of the garlic clove where it was connected to the bulb. Some recipes call for whole cloves, so this garlic is ready to go!


Chop the clove

Place a peeled garlic clove with the flattest side down on a cutting board. Get out a sharp knife. Depending on the recipe, you can cut your garlic in the following sizes:

Chopped: This is the largest cut. Use a sharp knife to slice the clove through the middle. Cut garlic pieces once again.
Diced: Chop garlic pieces, then cut again to make smaller.
Slivers: Use a sharp knife to slice the clove lengthways. Take thin garlic slices, stack them and cut them again into slivers.
Minced: This is the smallest cut. Cut garlic into slivers then position your knife to cut the slivers into smaller pieces.

Whatever the size of garlic you need, to get the best results, make sure all of the pieces are roughly the same size so they'll cook evenly.

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