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The Best Airlines for Economy Class Dining

The Best Airlines for Economy Class Dining

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Airline food is generally bad — it’s a fact that most of us have come to accept. For first and business classes, that might include the number of accolades collected by the airline chefs, but for economy class dining, it’s a matter of presentation, taste, service, and options. Here are the best 10 airlines for economy class dining.

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To compile this list, we looked at the lists of various airline-ranking websites and organizations, like Skytrax, the Airline Passenger Experience Association,, and Saveur’s Culinary Travel Awards. We also looked at customer reviews and photos on and and perused the menus listed on the websites of various airlines.

Six of the airlines on this list also made it onto our list of best first class airline food, which reflects well on these airlines — it shows they are committed to feeding everybody on the plane well, and not just the people who can pay for it. These include Air France, Singapore Airlines, and more. Unfortunately, some of these airlines require that you pay for meals on top of your ticket, but the nibble it takes out of your wallet might be worth it.

Instead of bringing your own food on the airplane, which drives 50 percent of your fellow passengers nuts, you can enjoy foods like nasi lemak, omelettes stuffed with kaffir lime, and Icelandic happy marriage cake — all in economy class. European airlines may serve excellent baguettes, croissants, or Irish breakfasts — some of them, at least — but many of the airlines on this list are from Asia or the Middle East. America: up your airline food game.

So if you’re dreading airline food, make sure to book your flight on one of these airlines.

Air France

Air France gives you the option to pay extra to upgrade your economy class meal, but the economy class food ain’t too shabby, either. Longer flights have much-needed buffet mini-sandwiches, ice cream, and other sweet and savory treats, and their trays are designed by renowned Catalan designer Eugeni Quitllet. Traditional French, Italian, and seafood menus are offered (these must be selected and paid for in advance), while a special menu called “Une Sélection LENÔTRE” is crafted by the prestigious chefs at the eponymous restaurant.

Austrian Airlines

While Austrian Airlines offers meals that are included in your ticket, for an extra €15 ($17) you can have the option of cold breakfast, skillet breakfast, a bento box, or tapas. Many reviewers on call the included food not comparable to that on other airlines — while it is varied and flavorful, it is a little on the salty side. Their coffee selection is top-notch, even in economy, and the service is warm and attentive.

A Guide to Airline Meals and Snacks on 10 Major U.S. Carriers

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Aisle, Window, or Middle Seat: "Aisle. I get restless on long flights and like to be able to move around without disturbing anyone else."

Even if you fly regularly, it can be difficult to keep track of what food might be available in the air these days. The days of complimentary airline meals on U.S. domestic flights are long gone on most airlines (at least in coach class), but some carriers pass out free snacks, and many others offer a variety of goodies for purchase. If you&rsquod like to be prepared for what food (or lack thereof) will be available to you on your next flight, see below for a roundup of airline meals and snacks on some of the most popular U.S. carriers.

If you&rsquore flying in business or first class (except on very short flights), or on an overseas international flight, you can usually assume there will be a variety of dining choices. However, it&rsquos always worth checking ahead.

10 Emirates

It should come as no surprise whatsoever that one of the world’s most revered and elite airlines makes its way onto this list. If you’re lucky (or, let’s face it, unquestionably rich) enough to nab a seat in first class, you’re even given the opportunity to order not one, not two, but a freshly-prepared seven-course meal.

The range of economy meals, while not quite as royal, is still sophisticated and elegant, with 400+ varying menus consistent of inviting ingredients such as smoked tuna, different kinds of vegetable salad, charcoal-grilled lamb, thick date pudding for dessert, and plenty more to satisfy your palate.

Review: Lufthansa Economy Class Dining

I flew with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Toronto a few weeks before COVID started to decimate the industry. The reduction in air travel has impacted the way airlines provide inflight catering at the moment, however, as demand increases hopefully we will go back to the way things once were.

The main reason for booking this flight was to experience the Lufthansa A La Carte dining options available for economy and premium economy class passengers. These meal upgrade options cost between €15 to €25 per meal and before the pandemic the airline offered seven meal options. Lufthansa recently advised that these meals are gradually being re-introduced on flights from the USA (Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Washington) with other ports to follow soon.

I pre-arranged the Meditterean Delights and Healthy Option a la carte meals with the airline before my flight.


Before the flight I visited the Lufthansa Senator lounge, here are some photos of the food on offer during my visit.


Twenty mins after takeoff snacks were hand-delivered and a few minutes later drinks were offered from the cart.

There were three crew members working in my section at the rear of the aircraft, two crew worked on the left-hand side while one crew member worked on the right.

The Medittereana delights was delivered 50 mins after take-off and consisted of a garden salad with balsamic dressing, king prawns and artichokes on spaghetti in a tomato and basil sauce, and Tiramisu for dessert.

The meal presented well and was akin to a business class meal experience with small touches such as a menu, proper cutlery, ceramic plates, a larger meal tray and cute salt and pepper shakers. It offers excellent value for money and in my opinion, is worth paying the upgrade fee of €19.00. The pasta dish certainly didn’t skimp on the prawns either.

In economy class the standard meal choices included a beef goulash or vegetarian pasta option, here’s a look at the economy class meal tray without the main meal and a look at what was served in premium economy.

Once the main meal service was completed additional wine and water was offered, followed by tea and coffee, and it took the crew about two hours to complete the service. At the end of the service bottled water was provided in economy class, it’s not often that you’re provided with bottled water and I thought it was a nice touch.


About 90 minutes before landing the service began, special meals were handed out followed by the meals/drinks and a hot towel service completed the service. The standard meal service in economy class on this flight offered a sandwich for the second meal service, however, I also received my second upgrade meal.

My Healthy Selection meal included a Chickpea and matcha salad starter, with a spicy red vegetable curry on quinoa and a Chia seed and mango mousse. This meal retails for €15.00 and offers excellent value considering what’s provided.

The spicy curry was delicious and flavourful and the chia dessert was mouth-watering. I thoroughly enjoyed the meal and appreciated all the small touches that the concept offers. It was my first time flying Lufthansa on a long haul service and my inflight experience was enjoyable. The A La Carte meals offer exceptional value and are similarly priced to other pre-order upgrade meal programs offered by other airlines. Further information on these upgrade meals can be found here.

A big thanks to the team at Lufthansa for arranging these meals for me, they were provided complimentary, however, I did pay for my airline ticket and all opinions are my own.

International business class: The ideal choice for intercontinental flights

Business class has some similarities to domestic first class, but the overall quality is usually much better.

The meals tend to be at least decent, and in some cases, they’re quite good. There’s free alcohol, and airlines will often have a solid drinks menu with some unique cocktails. The in-seat entertainment systems are much larger than those in economy.

The main appeal of international business class is the seat. Lie-flat seats are common, although not all airlines offer them, so you should check this before you book. On a long flight, being able to lie down makes it much easier to get quality sleep before you arrive.

There’s no reason to make this complicated. If you’re traveling internationally and you can get a business-class ticket, you should. On those long international flights, the comfort of business class makes it well worth the cost. And if you have some credit card points, there are occasionally excellent award ticket bargains on this type of airfare.

10 Best Business & First Class Meals

Food has become a way that airlines differentiate themselves from one another. Therefore, improvements in in-flight meals are typically an attempt to please first-class and business-class passengers who are paying thousands of dollars for their tickets. Continuously improving their menu and wine lists, so every air-carrier tries to offer its clients ultimate food masterpiece. Meanwhile, what airlines serve the best in-flight meals? Thus, h ere is a list of 10 best Business and First Class meals worth talking about. Alert! A lot of images in the post.

ANA Business Class: Koura-yaki

Available in Business Class from Japan on selected Asian routes, Koura-yaki is a succulent combination of crab meat and crab butter wrapped softly in the egg. Also, the accompaniment, ‘itadaki’, is made from rice and vegetables wrapped in deep-fried tofu and boiled in a delicious soup. Eventually, Japanese cuisine is the real manifestation of how the combination of different tastes may lead to real perfection.

ANA Airline – Kourayaki. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Cathay Pacific: Mandarin Oriental Roast Chicken

Every month, a different Mandarin Oriental executive chef designs the menu on Cathay Pacific flights, basing on the seasonal specialties and signature style of every chef. For example, the Mandarin Oriental San Francisco is offering premium class passengers its roasted chicken breast with braised cannellini beans, chanterelles, and lemon confit.

Cathay Pacific – Mandarin Oriental Chicken. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Hawaiian Airlines First Class: Beef Kare Kare

In opposite, Hawaiian Airlines’ First and Business Class often feature exotic comfort foods. Mainly, one of the best meals in Hawaiian Cuisine is Filipino Beef Kare Kare, an oxtail stew with tripe and pork leg simmered in a cashew sauce with asparagus, roasted potatoes, and carrots.

Hawaiian Airlines – Beef Kare Kare. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

JetBlue’s Mint Tasting Menu from Saxon + Parole

Guests flying JetBlue’s Mint premium class on transcontinental routes from JFK and Boston to LAX and San Francisco may choose three dishes from the menu. Such menus consist our if of mains, both hot and cold, in addition, which change with the season and also are signature flavors of the Manhattan restaurant Saxon + Parole.

Business Class Meals – Jet Blue Tasting Menu. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

LAN Airlines Premium Business: Argentinean Beef

LAN is proudly in this top-list due it’s a high quality of beef steaks. For instance, LAN serves some of the best beef in South America, with sides that highlight the freshest vegetables of the seasons. Of course, you will definitely enjoy the medium done, soft and juicy steaks!

Business Class Meals – Argentinian Beef. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Qatar Airways Business Class: Yellowtail Teriyaki by Nobu

Well-known chef Nobu Matsuhisa is one of the four culinary experts lending designing Qatar Airways’ in-flight meals. Besides, his recipes feature in the Business Class menu, from the amuse bouche all the way to dessert. In addition, Nobu’s main course—yellowtail with teriyaki and truffle sauce, sweet potatoes, roasted cherry tomatoes, and okra—is already a favorite of Qatar’s premium a la carte menu.

Qatar Airways – Yellowtail Teriyaki. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Singapore Airlines Suites: Kyo Kaiseki

In fact, the premium menus of Singapore Airlines are legendary as a sampler of dishes from across Asia. Likewise pre-ordering a special meal via Singapore’s “Book the Cook” program ensures passengers always enjoy their first choice. Also, one of which can be the multi-course Japanese Kyo Kaiseki on flights originating in Singapore. Singapore’s catering is all about small details.

Singapore Airlines – Sushi Set. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Virgin Atlantic Upper Class: Thai Beef Salad

British celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale, being a former model and best-selling cookbook author, is consulting chef for Virgin Atlantic with a mission to develop healthy and simple, yet delicious, in-flight meals. For example, Upper-Class passengers may order Thai beef salad with roasted pine nuts and chili dressing, first introduced on the airline’s new 787 in late 2014. Besides, Virgin chefs aim to present not only tasty but also healthy dishes.

Virgin Atlantic – Thai Beef Salad. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Turkish Airways: Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

Turkish Airlines introduced the “Flying Chef” service, having a real chef cook on-boards every transoceanic flight among the cabin crew. Thus meals are always prepared with fresh ingredients with an understanding and principle of boutique production. Subsequently, each unique menu concept is introduced to the passengers via Flying Chefs who give professional support to cabin crew during the meal preparation to show Turkish hospitality to the world. Certainly, with a healthy option, you can choose the Caesar salad with grilled shrimps and freshly baked herb bread.

Turkish Airlines Business Class Meal. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

Emirates: First Class Lamb Rack

This airline is known for its exceptional first class dining options, such as this rack of New Zealand lamb rack. Besides, taste the vivid flavors of regional menus. Also, try healthy meal options prepared by Emirates award-winning chefs.

Emirates First Class Lamb Rack. SkyLuxTravel Blog. SkyLux – Discounted Business and First Class Flights

14 economy airline meals you’ll actually want to eat

AIRLINE meals have a pretty bad reputation, and mostly it’s deserved. But can you actually get a nice meal in economy class? These offerings may surprise you .

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

THOSE old jokes about aeroplane food? They’re getting harder to make these days.

As passenger tastes change, so do the menus of airline in-flight meals (yes, even in economy class).

In fact, it’s the back of the plane that presents the most challenge, and airlines are upping their game to please palates with more than a quick snack.

Here are several airline economy meals that go beyond the usual “meat or pasta.”

Air New Zealand: Red wine braised beef with polenta

Yum. Photo: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

Enjoy economy-class menus from Air New Zealand’s Executive Chef Peter Gordon, a celebrated chef with restaurants in both London and Auckland. One such offering is this substantial main course: red wine braised beef with blue cheese polenta and green beans.

Alaska Airlines: Cascade Brisket Chili

Photo: Courtesy of Alaska Airlines

Tom Douglas, a celebrated US chef, is bringing his award-winning cuisine to the skies. Alaska Airlines recently began a partnership with Douglas to introduce some of his signature flavours as purchasable meals on-board flights from Seattle, US, of 2.5 hours or longer.

American Airlines: Chicken cobb salad

Photo: Courtesy of American Airlines

On domestic flights longer than three hours in the US, American Airlines sells a range of fresh eats more filling than a can of Pringles. The chicken cobb salad combines thick slices of chicken breast with romaine lettuce, turkey bacon, corn, tomatoes, and blue cheese, with ranch dressing on the side.

Austrian Airlines: Viennese schnitzel

Photo: Courtesy of Austrian Airlines

Upgrading your meal, but not necessarily your seat, is an option on Austrian Airlines. Economy passengers on long-haul flights may pre-order from a menu of gourmet meals (including classic Viennese schnitzel with a chocolate mousse dessert) from the chefs of Vienna-based DO & CO. Passengers flying from Austrian’s hub at Vienna Airport may even place an order at the last minute, up to one hour before departure.

Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong-style curry chicken

Photo: Courtesy of Cathay Pacific

Served with steamed jasmine rice, salad, and Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert, the curry chicken is one of several economy meals on Cathay to feature traditional Hong Kong flavours. Cathay also keeps various snacks, like hot ramen noodles, available throughout the journey.

Delta Air Lines: Strawberry frozen yoghurt bars

Photo: Courtesy of Delta Airlines

Passengers on Delta get complimentary sandwiches and frozen yoghurt bars on transcontinental flights from New York’s JFK Airport to Seattle, Los Angeles-LAX and San Francisco.

Hawaiian Airlines: Loco moco

Photo: Courtesy of Hawaiian Airlines

A signature Hawaiian dish, “Loco Moco” is a hamburger patty over steamed white rice, topped with gravy and a sunny-side-up egg.

Photo: Courtesy of JetBlue

Beyond snack boxes of packaged sweet and salty treats, you can get healthy fresh-made meals. This salad consists of cannellini beans, dried blueberries and cranberries, quinoa and grape tomatoes over chopped kale and spring greens, topped with white balsamic vinaigrette.

LAN Airlines: Hot ham and cheese breakfast

Photo: Courtesy of LAN Airlines

An economy class breakfast on Chile-based LAN Airlines’ long-haul routes is more than a simple croissant and jam the traditional South American breakfast of meats and cheeses is served as a hot ham and cheese sandwich with a side of seasonal fresh fruit and a hot berry muffin.

LAN Airlines: Lasagna with malbec and flan

Photo: Courtesy of LAN Airlines

This is one instance when you’ll want to choose the pasta, as LAN’s Executive Chef Hugo Pantano develops the recipes for each main dish to pair best with the South American wines on-board, even in economy class. Order the lasagne and a pour of the Argentinian Malbec, and finish it off with sweet flan.

Qatar Airways: Classic Arabic mezze

Photo: Courtesy of Qatar Airways

From their base in Doha, Qatar Airways develops menus to showcase both international and Middle Eastern favourites. A passenger favourite around the world is the Arabic Mezze, served in all classes. Economy enjoys hummus, tabouleh, muhammara, and lahim bil agine served with Arabic bread.

TAM: Ravioli and dulce de leche cake

Like its partner airline LAN, Brazil’s TAM pairs comfort classics with South American flavours and robust wines from some of their destination cities. No matter the main dish — although the ravioli pairs excellently with the reds on TAM’s wine menu — save room for the dulce de leche dessert.

Virgin America: 𠇏light bites” tapas

Photo: Courtesy of Virgin America

Spanish tapas are the inspiration behind Virgin America’s boxed variety of light and fresh salads, which are complimentary. The selection changes with the seasons, but options have included edamame and ginger tartar with ponzu dressing, mozzarella and roasted tomato with capers, Lebanese chickpea salad, and Spanish chicken and artichoke salad.

Virgin Atlantic: “Marvellous mac ’n’ cheese” Kids meal from chef Lorraine Pascale

Photo: Courtesy of Virgin Atlantic

The littlest flyers aren’t forgotten on Virgin Atlantic, as the airline recently called upon British celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale to develop 𠇏resh, nutritious, and simple meals with a home-cooked feel” for children travelling in economy class. The “Marvellous mac ‘n’ cheese” with pancetta is the far-and-away favourite, but children may also choose tender chicken strips and pea mash, sweet and sour pork, or “Mum’s chili con carne” with calypso rice.

This article originally appeared on Conde Nast Traveler and was republished via the New York Post.

Ways to get good value

Book an ANA award flight

Using ANA miles to book an economy class flight can offer good value when compared to other airline loyalty programs. As an example, 40,000 ANA miles books you a round-trip economy flight from the U.S. to Japan during low season. Alternatively, Avianca LifeMiles and United Airlines MileagePlus require 70,000 miles round-trip for the same destinations.

Note that ANA requires you to book round-trip award flights whether you’re flying on its own planes or its partner airline flights.

Consider paying cash — even if you have miles

Sometimes paying for your ANA economy flight with miles is not as good as paying with cash. The reason? Those miles could be more valuable if you saved them for a spacious business class seat on a partner airline.

For example, TAP Air Portugal is also a member of the Star Alliance. If you wanted to go to Europe from the U.S., you could use 88,000 ANA miles to book a round-trip business class TAP flight. That’s a very competitive rate for a luxurious business class flight. It might, in some cases, justify paying a relatively low cash fare for your ANA economy flight now so you can redeem miles for a business class seat on a partner airline later.

Relax in an airport lounge before your economy flight

A ticket in ANA economy class doesn’t get you into an airport lounge. But if you have the right credit card, you can take advantage of its benefits to relax in a lounge before your ANA economy class flight. The The Platinum Card® from American Express offers access to AmEx Centurion lounges and Priority Pass lounges — even when you’re flying economy. Terms apply.

Chase Sapphire Reserve® cardholders also receive Priority Pass Select lounge access , which they can enjoy before an ANA economy class flight.

4. Southwest Airlines

On short flights, peanuts and pretzels are about all you get&mdashno fancy snack boxes for purchase, except for trips with longer durations. We're happy to say that the drink selection is fun, though. Beers and mixed drinks are just $5, with options like seasonal Leinenkugel, Rum-ritas or Tequila and OJ when a screwdriver just isn't cutting it. They're generous with their drink vouchers too, so frequent flyers can count on a complimentary cold one now and then, and cocktails are on them if you're traveling on a select holiday.

It seems like Qatar Airways is actually improving their economy experience, which seems to counter the trend nowadays. I had to read the press release three times to make sure I wasn’t missing anything, but it really does seem like they’re making genuine improvements, so kudos to them.

About Ben
Ben Schlappig (aka Lucky) is a travel consultant, blogger, and avid points collector. He travels about 400,000 miles a year, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first class experiences. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time.

Snacks will be available anytime, albeit for a charge. I guess.

As someone who is about to start flying long-haul on Qatar Airways very frequently, this is great news! Fortunately I’ll be flying their A380 most often as well as the 777 are a bit tight.
@Kevin, and @Flo, why the negativity? Middle East/Asian carriers have not only always had decent food, but it’s also been part of the normal service (on long haul) including the snacks. On that note, does anyone know whether or not Cathay Pacific still offer their “noodles-on-demand”?

Yes they do, Cathay still offers instant noodles on-demand in both PEY and Y.

*and is under increased financial pressure due to the Gulf blockade.*

What financial pressure ? It’s got an unlimited piggy big backed by the 8th largest sovereign fund and 3rd largest proven NG reserve in the world, while every time you bring revenue to this carrier it’s either channeled over to Shitte extremist groups or used to strengthen the regime that tortures and murders LGBTQ citizens for the fun of it.

BA offer similar snacks on long haul economy FOR FREE! They call it “movie box”

So this is not a big deal..

Their main meals would be the best in the sky flying Economy… though size or serving was smaller than say EY/CX and even QF on long-hauls Fromm australia. Still, this is great news and always ask for seconds!

didn’t mean to be too negative but generally curious what local ingredients ex DOH (half of their flights) the statement might prefer to as I imagine the State of Qatar imports a lot

“Food portions are increasing 25-50%, with a greater focus on the use of local, fresh, seasonal, and healthy ingredients”

Local cuisine ex Doha? Most likely sand-wiches.

@henry LAX – lol… someone has been listening to Fox news. It’s laughable how those US carriers always use the financial backing of the ME3 governments as an excuse for their own terrible product. Firstly, they can go bankrupt and know that Uncle Sam will bail them out, and secondly, if the US carriers (and other privatesed “legacy” carriers) are not happy, they can always revert to government ownership. They want to be privatised and concentrate on profit with shareholders/investors, etc – then deal with it. Just be honest with customers and tell them they are only there to make a profit and the customer is actually secondary (or even tertiary).

@Flo, yes I see what you mean, sorry about that. It’s a good question although by “local”, they probably mean local cuisine.

I would believe that here, “local” refers to wherever the plane is catered. Although that said, Qatar has been increasingly self-reliant after the blockade, and many items on board are Qatari in origin (yogurt, milk etc) when ex-DOH

EK today announced PE rollout in all new 77Ws and A380s from next year. So there’s a third announcement for you (Sir Timmy at AMT).

Re the snacks, EK also provide chocolate bars, muesli bars, nuts and savoury snacks available during long flights (over 9hrs)

Delicious meals .exellent crew service.providing everything on demand. To their guests on boards.

I’m a frequent QR flyer and I think the economy meals were a bit on the small side, but definitely not insanely small or anything. A 25% increase would probably put it in line with other airlines, while 50% would put above average.
All of this was rather moot though, because I thought the food was amazing and worth the portion sacrifice. QR’s food in Y is the second best in the sky. It’s only a shame they don’t have more of each option, because it’s not rare for them to only have one choice left by the time they get to your row.

Lookes pretty much like what they had on display at #itb_berlin in March – didn’t realize it was supposed to be ‘new’ though

This is a good move for sure!

I used to fly many times eco and business on QR and the food in economy class was one of the worst I ever get in a plane between Europe Asia.
Better food on Eco with Singapore, Thai, Lufthansa, Swiss, Emirates…

Also the size was tiny (smartphone sized pizza calzone, is this is a meal ?) exemple between Doha and Bkk as night flight.

So not impressed to say the least, was time to improve it, anyway.

I don’t want to come off rude, but that’s just pure absurd.
Airlines are a business. As with every business – number one goal is to make a profit for the owners. Otherwise, no person in the right mind would put up money to buy a plane and fly you from point A to point B. What products a business has to offer to deliver that profit is dictated by the market, and airlines are a very complex and very competitive one. In a very competitive and non-innovative market a performing product is generally a compromise between quality and value – which is exactly what US airlines offer.
Few days ago, Ben had a post on US airlines profitability – they all make money. Over the past few weeks Ben also had posts on Etihad and Qatar – they lose billions. Yes, those are billions that come from state backing, which is something that US airlines – or any private business – don’t have access to.
Therefore yes, US airlines are bad because they need a sustainable business model to operate. ME3 don’t need one(yet, at least), as they’ve always been able to just grab a few bil from the state fund. We’ll see whether that’s about to change. US airlines getting bailed out by Uncle Sam? Oh yeah, that’s right. Like all those Pan Ams, TWAs and Easterns that got bailed out by Uncle Sam when they weren’t able to compete.

Let’s not have ventures that are started by entrepreneurs and work for profit? Let’s have government run airlines and why not other businesses, cause then they won’t be greedy and evil and will put customers and citizens first? Sure, let’s try that. Maybe if we do – one day even us, stupid Americans, will be able to achieve the miracle levels of affordability and quality like those offered by Soviet car manufacturers and food farms, and Venezuelan grocery stores.

Oh, and one last thing, last time I checked(few seconds ago) – you had the freedom to choose. Don’t buy tickets for the bad and greedy and evil US airlines. Fly ME3. Cheers.

I am one of the passengers who experienced the new service on QR.
It was just a lipstick on a pig!

Butter for artisan bread was available on request only 50% loaded.
Chocolate and snacks were also 50% loaded.
It means, half of the Economy cabin did not get the products offered in the menu card.

Pre-departure drinks means, the meal service will takes forever to be served. Cocktail snacks with pre-departure drinks was only dry pretzel packet which has nothing to write home about.

This is not improvement. This is cost cutting!

The reference to local ingredients will refer to the recently announced supply agreement between QACC and QADCO:

The new snacks will not be charged for. They will probably replace the existing hot snack on long haul flights, and the existing hot snack and movie snack box handed out on ultra long flights.

I agree with Chris. Calling what Qatar serves in Economy food is being unfair to food. It was stale, unhealthy and inedible.
They don’t need to ‘enhance’ they need to start over.

I don’t want to come off rude, but get your facts straight. Uncle Sam bailed out all of them and would still do. Pan-Am TWA Eastern all failed (even with subsidy) because there was enough players to stabilize the market (no bailout) and their management lost to the deregulation (dinosaurs). Except TWA, which was murdered by Carl Ichan. Do you think the UAE would subsidize and bail one out if there were ME8, probably not. With 3 less likely. I do see a possibility of EK/EY merger if the Sheikhs can work things out.

The rest I have no idea what your rant is about. Soviets?

I fly QR regularly and the economy food and beverage service is great. In fact at some points you just want them to stop serving you as it’s too much ! Not the case when I fly the other carriers from Australia to Europe.

Are u a troll ? or do you work for QR ?
Too much a Smarphone sized food for a 6h30 flight, like DOH-BKK (food from homebase) ? Interesting…

Just bring back the service in Y class they had 5 years ago, good portions in every service, I remember the movie snack on ultra long haul flights was Haaguen das ice cream, they had chips, chocolate bars, etc, also bring back the instant noodle soup on the japanese flights. Here is nothing to invent Soviets. Just do it, cutting cost on the food ratio was not the solution. Loading bread at 50 % to cut the wastage is very stupid, Bread in general is inexpensive in compare to other items. The economy class service before 2014 was fantastic.

They have vitnessed the fall of Jet airways in India who used to serve lentile and rice on international routes .. .. Thank god.. I had no 2nd thought of booking my Atlanta flight with Delta….. still asian and middle eastern airlines to learn a lot.

I think Bistro by SAUDIA is the best Economy Class meal improvement among the Arabian Gulf carriers !

I also fly extensively with Qatar in both cabins. Their economy food offerings are at best poor and from certain departure points simply inedible. So I see this as great news that’s long overdue.

Qatar Airways is loosing money because of the boycott, then why increase prices like crazy? Don’t they know that by lowering the prices more people would book with them? They are also loosing because most residents of Qatar are using other airlines! Simple as that. How come they can’t understand it?

Abdullah, you are damn right , Bistro by Saudia is an excellent concept, probably the best in the region. However it was only available on selected routes, I dont know if this has changed. Saudia i a great airline and has been in business for quite some time, these people they just dont talk about the great product offering because is a dry airline.

I always fly by Turkish airlines. This time I will book with Qatar Airways.

Love that Qatar airways announced their economy class enhancements just a day after Etihad announced their economy class cost cutting initiatives. Surely that’s not coincidental!


  1. Laziz

    What words ... the phenomenal, magnificent idea

  2. Akin

    In my opinion, it is a lie.

  3. Gavan

    no words! just wow! ..

  4. Gut

    Post removed

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