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Toffee apple tips

Toffee apple tips

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These classic autumn treats are tempting apples, indeed. But the biggest challenge to making them is getting the slippery, melted toffee to stick to the apple's slick surface. Here's what to do so they turn out party-perfect every time.

Apples: Clean, cold, dry

• Choose firm apples with no soft spots or blemishes

• Wash and dry them thoroughly, remove the stem and insert wooden sticks

• Chill prepped apples in the freezer while you prepare the toffee

Toffee: Not too hot

• Follow recipe method to melt toffee in a bowl or measuring jug that's deep enough for dipping the apples

• Let melted toffee cool for a few minutes so that it thickens. If too hot, it will slide right off the apple

Dip it good

• Wipe down each apple one more time before dipping to remove any condensation from the freezer

• Holding the wooden stick, dip the apple into the warm toffee, turning it for even coverage

• Gently rotate the apple after dipping to help the excess toffee drips roll back onto the apple

• Place dipped apples base-side down on greaseproof paper that has been coated with butter or oil

Tips from the this site community

If you want to decorate with bits of stuff, sprinkle just a little bit on the side facing you, and then gently press into the toffee. Don’t roll it or push it into the toppings as that moves the toffee away from the apple and contributes to the puddle or very gloppy apples. — LizzieBearCooks

I followed the advice of other raters, rolling the waxy apples in boiling water, wiping them down, putting the sticks in them, then putting them in the freezer for 15 minutes. —

The suggestion from another reviewer to use the Pyrex measuring jug was great…made it easy to cover the whole apple. — Margcamp

Like others I put my apples in the freezer while I melted my toffee and then put them back in the freezer for about 15 minutes. They set up great! — kateandnatesmom

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